Roman Legionary “suntanned skin”

 We continue with the articles series about this incredible figure. Again i’m using the same color palette: Base skin, Brown Pink, Red Leather, Ivory, Black and Green. I begin giving a layer of Base skin.  Then I give a second one and shadow with black. Always sketching.  I apply watered glazes of […]

Roman Legionary “facial features”

I wanted to paint a face so I began with this one of Pegaso Models wonderfully sculpted by Yury Serebriakov. Lately I´m painting skins with an unique color palette. The only thing it varies is the proportion of them. I use Base skin, Brown Pink, Red Leather, Ivory, Black and Green. Without listing colors like Red […]

Painting old crackle leather

 I bring you another mini tutorial of how I painted captain Ahab´s jacket. In one Gran Canaria´s painting course some students recommended me to use Citadel technical crackle medium to paint terrains. Thanks guys. When i arrived home I got crazy and test this.  Good music to paint! I begin priming in black. […]

Sculpting and painting a whale tale

 When I saw the Ahab figure one year ago I knew I had to do something involving a whale tale. I thought a lot of possibilities. Wanted to play with the base, make some kind of cave with the tale inside. I left behind some cool ideas like putting water to create de rest […]

Painting Wood

The wooden floor is from the boat of “New Way”  project. Take plasticard and mark the wood planks. Then prime it and paint the woodgrains with an old brush, drybrushing with first color (English Uniform). Do the same with the second color, red leather. The clue here is to recreate with the brush big woodgrains. […]

The Last Samurai / painting Tom Cruise

    With Hans Zimmer excellent soundtrack i´ll tell you the story behind this project and the things i learned. First, i want to share with you the importance and motivation that this project has for me. The Last Samurai is one of my favorite films ever. It teaches me another point of view full […]

Dothraki / Painting Skin and Non Metallic Metal

It´s a continuation of the article done for the incredible web figure mentors. Thanks Jason! This article tells how to paint with a chaotic technique the figure of the Gatekeeper of nocturna models. Really the best figure i´ve ever painted on terms of sculpture. Pedro Fernandez rocks! Here we go! I begin priming on black. Why […]